2015. április 14., kedd

venus as a cyborg. collage on postcard, 9x13, 2015

2015. március 29., vasárnap

glitch composition i-ii (ten billion tv channels). digital image, 2015

2015. március 21., szombat

pages from my sketchbook, collage, tape and oil chalk on paper, 2015

2015. március 6., péntek

untitled. collage on cardboard, 9x13, 2014
tar poem. photograph, 3984x2656 pixels, 2012
untitled. ballpoint pen on paper, 14,8x21 cm, 2015

2015. február 22., vasárnap

32 snowballs for my birthday, 2015

2015. február 7., szombat

marylin revisited. digital collage, 2015

2015. január 28., szerda

 one year compressed content for wannabe net artists. digital image, 2015

the shallowness i feel after a 24 hour walk on the internet is like bathing in chicken soup. digital image, 2015 (submissions for Printed Web)

2015. január 21., szerda

untitled i-iii. prints of three rotten photographs, 9x13 each, 2014
clutter poem. assemblage on wood, 45x45 cm, 2013

2015. január 16., péntek

untitled. spraypaint on wood, 55x60 cm, 2014
floating snowball stack, 2015

fragile structures i-iii. collage on paper, 29,6x21 cm each, 2014

message. collage and marker on photocopy, 29,6x21 cm, 2014

2014. november 26., szerda

untitled. collage on cardboard, 9x13, 2014

2014. augusztus 31., vasárnap

nothing. collage and marker on photo, 29,6x21 cm, 2014

2014. augusztus 19., kedd

untitled. meme, 2014

2014. július 13., vasárnap

wish you were here (homage to a.w., b.r., j.g., d.t. and all the other famous artists whose work i admire). digital image, 2014

2014. június 25., szerda

28 hour gardening marathon. notes, pencil and pen on paper, 29,6x21 cm, 2014

carefully erasing almost everything from a page i-ii. photoshop perfomance, 45 min., 2014

2014. május 21., szerda

untitled i-ii. collage and ink on glossy cardboard, 9x13 each, 2014
found sculpture (wire&concrete). 2014

2014. május 7., szerda

1914 was also the title of an exhibition held in the House of Arts in Veszprém, the visual poetry i sent was also featured in the 43 issue of Vár Ucca Műhely, an arts and literature magazine! cool news! 

1914. digital work, 2014

2014. március 28., péntek

99% recycled art. sticker design+A/3 print sheet, 2014

2014. február 28., péntek

untitled i-iii. collage on cardboard, 10x13 cm each, 2014

horizontal (ii, iv, viii, ix). collage series of 16 pieces on cardboard, appr. 10x13 each, 2013

what the fuck did i want with this? collage on cardboard, 10x13 cm, 2014
 another sad euphemism. collage on postcard, 10x13 cm, 2014

slumber party in postmoderville. collage on postcard, 10x13 cm, 2014 

poor collage artist dreams of luxury desert interiors. collage on postcard, 10x13 cm, 2014 

how to completely misunderstand a simple message. collage on postcard, 10x13 cm, 2014