2014. március 28., péntek

99% recycled art. sticker design+A/3 print sheet, 2014

2014. március 24., hétfő

untitled. collage and markers on computer print, appr. 5x5 cm each, 2014

2014. február 28., péntek

untitled i-iii. collage on cardboard, 10x13 cm each, 2014

horizontal (ii, iv, viii, ix). collage series of 16 pieces on cardboard, appr. 10x13 each, 2013

what the fuck did i want with this? collage on cardboard, 10x13 cm, 2014
 another sad euphemism. collage on postcard, 10x13 cm, 2014

slumber party in postmoderville. collage on postcard, 10x13 cm, 2014 

poor collage artist dreams of luxury desert interiors. collage on postcard, 10x13 cm, 2014 

how to completely misunderstand a simple message. collage on postcard, 10x13 cm, 2014

2014. február 12., szerda

untitled (thaw). stickers on cardboard, 4,5x7 cm, 2014

untitled (therapy). stickers on cardboard, 10x13 cm each, 2014

2014. január 22., szerda

two yet untitled pieces i'm working on together with Andrew Topel. collage on paper, 29,6x21 cm each, 2014
list (texture mantra). pinecones assembled on a desk in a park, 2013

2013. december 16., hétfő

bumblebee. digital, 2013

2013. december 14., szombat

 untitled. collage, 55x70 cm, framed, 2013.

2013. december 1., vasárnap

study for cyborg whale unit i-ii. collage, markers and pencil on print, 29,6x21 cm each, 2013

2013. november 14., csütörtök

untitled. collage on cardboard, 10x13 cm, 2013

2013. november 1., péntek

unstable structure (study for seismology). digital print, xerox, 29,6x21 cm each 2013

untitled i-ii. xerox, 2013

2013. október 19., szombat

untitled. collage on photograph, 29,6x21 cm, 2013

this poem. visual poetry, digital, 2013

2013. október 13., vasárnap

table for one. installation, approx. 25x25 cm, 2013

untitled (erased comic book). oil chalk on paper. work in progress, 2013

2013. szeptember 20., péntek

 paper cutters. logo design, 2013

untitled i-iii. found posters, paper photograph, 9x13 cm each, 2002

2013. szeptember 7., szombat

 dark lullaby. xerox,  29,6x21 cm each, 2013